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Meet the Team

Krishiv Aggarwal (President)

Hi I am Krishiv, a rising senior at Irvington High School in Fremont, California, with a strong interest in the fields of computers and engineering. Growing up in Silicon Valley with parents who hold master's degrees in STEM fields has provided me with extensive exposure to subjects relating to robotics and sciences and encouraged me to pursue knowledge in programming languages such as Python, web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and C.


Aashrith Bandaru (President)

I'm Aashrith Bandaru, a STEM education advocate and entrepreneurial leader from Fremont, California. My passion lies at the intersection of data science and business, and I've gained extensive programming knowledge in web development, Python, and Java. As the president of the Data Science Club at Irvington High School, I've honed my skills and achieved success in business competitions, winning first place in VBC at the International Career Development Conference with DECA. I've also made a lasting impact through co-founding STEM Made Fun, a nonprofit organization focused on accessible education and community service. With every endeavor, I strive to leave a positive and significant mark on the world around me.


Local Volunteers

Our Connecticut Volunteers

We are thrilled to introduce our newest group of passionate volunteers hailing from the vibrant community of Connecticut! These dedicated individuals have generously offered their time, skills, and enthusiasm to join our mission in empowering the next generation with quality STEM education.

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