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Robotic Rampage x SMF

Welcoming Robotic Rampage into the Stem Made Fun family!


Our Partnership

STEM Made fun is working with student teachers from Robotic Rampage to mentor other robotics teams nearby and introduce robotics in a fun and engaging way. Robotic Rampage has been competing as a part of First Tech Challenge for 5 years and as a part of their outreach program, they reached out to many new teams. One example we helped the rookie FTC team named Technogoats with understanding the basics of FTC and had multiple workshops with them. Another team is the Incredigirls, a rookie all girls FLL team we helped by having numerous workshops and providing them with game winning strategies. SMF also helped Robotic Rampage's outreach effort by working together on sending letters to first responders during the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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